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Seeking a very affordable yet highly professional wheel lift for your vehicle? Well, you came to the right place since Maraine Towing has been servicing the Encino and San Fernando area for years offering the highest quality wheel lift towing in the Valley. It is our priority to ensure the utmost excellence towards any wheel lift.

To give you a deeper understanding of how a wheel lift works, it basically uses a metal yoke to grab a hold of each vehicle whether it's by the rear or front of the vehicle. It is then accompanied by a hydraulic lift, which prevents any damage to the underside or bumper. They can be considered a better choice over the traditional hook and chain tow trucks. However, note that there are specific vehicles that cannot use a wheel lift due to the vehicle being low profile (close to the ground). To give another example of how wheel lift towing works, it basically clamps onto the front or rear wheel, then elevated to gain free movement.



24/7 Professional Customer Service

We are known for having the most professional customer service in the San Fernando Valley since we have dispatchers in our office 24/7. By discussing the situation of your vehicle to our kind and understanding phone operators they will send over a wheel lift within 30 minutes. Our clients always let us know how much they appreciate our sense of urgency towards their situation which helps us maintain the title of the best towing company in the San Fernando Valley.

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Professional Towing Team

We understand that these vehicle problems can happen anywhere either it is at work, home, around town, or even outside of town. This is why we offer not only wheel lift towing but also an assortment of towing and roadside assistance in the San Fernando area and surrounding cities. If you need any additional towing or roadside assistance services simply let them know and they will address your vehicles issues.

wheel lift towing

Affordable Pricing and Certified Technicians

Our clients appreciate our affordable pricing since we understand that money can get tight at times as well as savings. We don't believe in any hidden charges and only offer the most reasonable prices in the towing industry.

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