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Next, the towing service driver reaches you and begins to perform the service. Our drivers work quickly and efficiently, saving you time and making sure that you feel comfortable with our work and safety assurances.

After transporting your car, or providing roadside assistance as needed, the driver unloads, accepts the extremely affordable payment that he informed you of before beginning to load your car, and you’ll both leave with pockets that are a little bit fuller than they would’ve been before!

Our trained staff has at least 5 years in the business and they must know everything about every type of car there is on the market.  They also have to be certified by a mechanics school so they know every part of the car. They also have to take pride in each job and they have to make sure that they do the job the best they can.  They also have to make it the job scene as soon as possible and they must not damage any part of the car at any time by doing the job precisely and perfectly.

We definitely have the best tow trucks that you can call in all of all the San Fernando Valley. We make sure that all our company tow trucks have all the equipment available for any type of job even the most expensive ones. We have all types of equipment because we know that a million things can happen to a car; we do that so we make sure that we will be available to help you with everything.

If you are getting off of work at Woodley and Ventura streets, get to your vehicle and see that the lights were left on and your battery is most likely drained. Call Tow Truck Encino and we will be there very quickly to jump start your battery or replace it if necessary. If you happen to accidently hit a pot hole and get a blown tire or damage it to the point beyond repair, our trained technicians can come replace it for you. If you lock yourself out of your vehicle and don’t know what to do, our locksmith services will gladly unlock your car for you and send you on your way.

What Services Do We Do?

We deals with most kinds of tows ranging from local to long distances, and flatbed and heavy duty tows; we can pretty much guarantee that whatever car or truck it is we can tow it. If you happen to be stuck with your car in dirt, or mud, or etc. Maraine Towing Encino can pull it out with our winch out services. As you can see whatever the problem or the dilemma we have you covered and will service you with no hassle to you at all. We are simply here to help you out.

We provides many services as far as both towing and roadside assistance go. It’s almost impossible to list them all, but doing our best to list them, we provide the following services: heavy duty, light duty, medium duty, wheel lifts, flatbeds,  low clearance trucking, mud pulls, ditch winch-outs, car, van and truck tows, and much more!

As for our roadside assistance services provided by our excellent roadside technicians, Tow Truck Encino provide the following: jump starts, gas deliveries, car battery replacements, car lockout help,  flat tire replacements, and more!

Contact Us Now!

Our drivers and operators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (818) 492-9971. There is always a friendly dispatcher available to help you with your particular problem, and they will always be more than happy to take your call. If you ever come across the need for a towing or roadside assistance service, you can count on us to help you out with it the moment you dial!

Our staff works all around the clock 24/7. They are always standing by to take your call and hear you out. They are here to analyze your situation and get a car technician on the way to fix it for you. If you have any questions regarding some services that were not mentioned, give us a call and we will see what we can do for you. If you have questions regarding the cost of the services, look no further because we are the most cost efficient services around here.

Many of our customers have said many amazing things about us everywhere!  A customer named Josh said on yelp, “Maraine Towing Encino is the best towing company that you call at any time and it’s the most affordable one too!” A different customer named Bryant said on yellow pages.com, “Tow Truck Encino is the quickest towing company to each job; it’s also the one with the strongest tow trucks!” A different customer named Rafael Rodriguez said on yelp, “These guys are the best drivers in all of the Valley and they have the most helpful phone personnel that I’ve ever talked too!”

So if you ever need a tow in the area call (818)492-9971! They will be the quickest ones that you can call! They will help you and make sure you’re your happy! Call us!

Contact us today at (818) 492-9971 and you will be glad you did!


Encino Towing Lockout
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Our offices are located off the 101 freeway on the Ventura Blvd. Though it is a fairly small city, incidents will still occur. Not to frighten you by that statement but the opposite exactly is true; I am here to tell you that whatever car trouble you run into, Encino Towing Services will handle you and your vehicle with the utmost care. If you are a resident we have probably already met but if you are not contact us today at  (818) 492-9971 because the folks here are truly nice friendly people who just want to help!

We understand that it’s not ideal, but have you ever needed vehicle services?

Well you just found the best towing services you can call in the San Fernando Valley!  Tow Truck Encino have been rated as the number one tow truck business company in all of California!  Encino Towing has been open since 1989 and has always done the job right and made sure it satisfied its customers! We always do the job fast and will get to you very quickly!

Tow Truck Encino also do:

  • Car or Heavy Duty Jump Starts
  • Car Or heavy Duty Tire Changes!
  • Car Or Heavy Duty Battery Replacements
  • Heavy Duty Tows
  • Gas Deliveries
  • Diesel Deliveries


The owners here tend to make sure that all our staff is prideful about their job and that they try their best for every job!  He also makes sure that all our staff goes into a job with a mentality that they can’t fail and that they have to get a job done by doing whatever they have to do. The boss makes sure the customer is happy with everything we did for them.  The boss will also make sure the job was the cheapest it could be for you!

We also service zip code areas such as 9131691346 and 91426

When you call Towing Services, you get to reach one of our helpful and professional dispatchers. From there, after giving them your information and answering their questions, and having them answer your questions, the dispatchers immediately call a tow truck driver in your area. The tow truck driver responds quickly and professionally, moving in your direction to ensure that they can reach you on time.

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