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Roadside Assistance Encino

Roadside Assistance EncinoWelcome to Encino, a hilly area of the San Fernando area that has famously been home to celebrities like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Ron Howard.

Did you know that iconic Al Jolson was once the honorary mayor of Encino, or that Johnny Carson lived in Encino, on Hayvenhurst Ave, in the 1950s, before his New York Tonight Show run?

What’s that, you say?

You don’t care? You’ve had it up to here with celebrity trivia and Homes of the Stars sightseeing tours?

You just want your car back on the road – and that’s why we’re here in Encino for you.

24-Hour Roadside Assistance Encino

We’ve has been helping stranded motorists in and around the San Fernando Valley since 1984. We’ve seen cars change and we’ve seen gas prices go up and down, but one thing hasn’t changed in over 30 years – drivers hate unexpected emergencies, and hate waiting even more.

That’s why Roadside Assistance Encino has you covered from start to finish.

Roadside Assistance EncinoFirst and foremost, we know Encino and the surrounding areas like the back of our hands, so we know where you are as soon as you call. We know how to get there the quickest.  More importantly, we know exactly what kind of roadside assistance equipment and technician to send. For example, if you’re in the parking structure of one of the many cool shopping malls in the Valley, we’ll know instinctively what the height clearance is for that mall parking entrance so we can send out the right truck.

But the bread and butter of our roadside assistance business in Encino is also our greatest pleasure: helping our neighbors jumpstart their cars, changing their tires on the side of the road, unlocking their car doors, and delivering gas to cars that were running on empty a little too long.  We still believe in our motto of 30 years: “If we can’t get there in 20 minutes or less – no one in Encino can.” Speed and accuracy are our stock in trade. We dispatch the exact equipment you need, and we do it faster than anyone else.

We also provide thoughtful services at no extra charge to our best customers – and ALL of our customers are our best customers – like sending you a tow truck to do the job (instead of a roadside assistance vehicle) in case the problem cannot be fixed at the side of the Encino road.  We’re always open – we never close and we never doze. Our service is even faster at 3 o’clock in the morning than at 3 o’clock in the afternoon – and our prices are always the same low rates that have kept us number ONE in Encino for so long.

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Do yourself a favor and keep Roadside Assistance Encino in your list of contacts on your cellphone. Rest assured that you’ve got the fastest roadside response time in the business on your side. Your wait will be short.  You’ll barely have enough time to pore over this list of present and former Encino residents, and try to picture what kind of car each would drive

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