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Whenever you are stranded on the road and need immediate help we will be there at a moments notice when you need roadside assistance. There will be times when the battery will short out or no longer work leaving you stranded. Sometimes it can also be a nail or sharp object on the road that may have punctured your tire and you need to get your spare swapped immediately. This is where Maraine Towing Encino steps in to get the job taken care of, getting you back towards your destination.

We have been the #1 choice throughout the San Fernando Valley anytime it comes to roadside assistance or towing. We pride ourselves upon helping others during the most critical situations around the clock. As a 24-hour roadside assistance provider we will always be available to take your call anytime you need our services.

Roadside Assistance Includes:




roadside assistance encino

Jump Start

Have you returned to your car, turned the key, then realized the car won't start like normal? Chances are your vehicles battery just died and needs a jump. We will be more than glad to help you anytime with roadside assistance. We are very fast and affordable which is why many in the San Fernando Valley choose our company.


roadside assistance encino

Flat Tires

Did you happen to drive on the road and hear an unusual tapping sound or come to your vehicle only to see the tire is flat? Our well experienced towing technicians have helped many switch out their flat tires with their spare tires in a matter of minutes.


roadside assistance encino

Fuel Delivery

 Running out of fuel usually occurs when you're on the freeway and there is gridlock traffic that happened at random. It can also happen while not on the freeway due to not paying attention to the fuel meter. Have no worry regarding this situation we will send out a roadside assistance technician to assist you with additional fuel.


roadside assistance encino

Battery Replacement

When in doubt, replace it out. Some batteries simply have seen the last of their days and cannot be jumped. You can rely on us to replace your battery with a brand new one anytime you need roadside assistance.



roadside assistance encino

Winch Out

Going off road can be fun but can sometimes results in getting stuck in sand, mud, or a ditch. Even parking in the dirt or even a beach with sand near the road can cause this great inconvenience leaving the tire running but not able to grab solid traction. This is where our winch out service comes in handy. By utilizing our roadside assistance our tow truck mechanic will arrive and use the winch to get your vehicle back in driving condition again.



roadside assistance encino

Car Transportation

If transporting your car is what you need we will be glad to assist you when in need of our roadside assistance. Whether it's an expensive collectors classic or just your average sedan we will transport your vehicle carefully with our white glove service leaving your vehicle in it's original condition.



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