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Have you arrived at your vehicle only to notice the car will not start? There are several reasons why this can happen but a dead or low charged battery is usually the reason why. Since car batteries are recharged by the alternator while driving your battery automatically recharges itself. However, if you happen to leave even the slightest light on overnight, whether it's your headlights or interior lights, you can be certain that it will be enough to drain your battery below the required levels. At times it can also be things as simple as a car lighter port attached to a phone charger or even things as complicated as a short in the wire bundle. If these situations do occur simply give us a call and we will send out a roadside assistance technician to jump-start your vehicle.


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Our technicians carry the best diagnostic equipment on the market which will help diagnose if its a simple dead battery or a faulty alternator. The technician will also diagnose how long the battery can last and if it may be safer to replace it with a new car battery. Most of the time only a jump start is required, however, it is best to know for sure. After about 10 to 20 minutes worth of charging you will be back on the road. Please note that you should at least drive for quite some time to have the alternator recharge the battery to avoid the same situation from happening again.



Here are a few tips on how to prevent your battery from running low:

-Charge your battery at home or at a mechanic shop every month or two

-Ensure the vehicles battery is fulled secured within the battery harness

-Have a professional check to see if your battery cables are in good condition

-Turn off any lights or interior accessories plugged into the vehicles USB/Car Lighter/AC power ports

-Avoid leaving the vehicle in extremely cold climates which will seperate the water from the battery due to freezing

-Always make sure to replace your battery before the batteries warranty or expiration date


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We Offer Additional Services for Your Convience

Anytime you are stranded due to a dead or low charged battery simply give us a call and we'll be there quickly. Always let us know if you need any additional services such as flat tire repair, flatbed towing, fuel delivery, winch outs, or any of the services listed within our Roadside Assistance sections.


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No matter what time or day of the week our dispatchers will take your call and send out a technician within a moments notice.


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