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Maraine Towing Encino is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and ready anytime. We specialize in heavy-duty towing, flatbed towing, wheel lift towing, luxury car towing, emergency towing, and roadside assistance. We serve Encino and the surrounding San Fernando Valley cities.

We specialize in all heavy duty towing and understand the danger that comes with the job. However, we handle these types of towing jobs with ease because of our heavy duty tow truck mechanics have years of experience. Anytime a heavy duty tow truck is needed you must have the right equipment to avoid any dangerous situations. This job isn't for an average tow truck since it requires much more torque. Marine Towing ensures that only the best heavy duty tow truck equipment is used for the job and that all our tow truck technicians are certified.


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We value every customer; hence why we only have the best equipment money can buy, trained technicians, tow trucks, and fast phone operators so we can provide you with the best heavy duty tow truck experience without any stress. This is why we continuously push ourselves to have the most tow trucks in the area so we can assist everyone with a sense of urgency. This also allows us to handle tow jobs for national companies and also become a national tow truck service.

Since we have invested a lot into our tow trucking services it is without a doubt that our affordable prices, great customer service, and quickness are what has carved us out to be the best choice in tow trucking within the San Fernando area.


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Why You Can Count On Us?

Our company has helped countless heavy-duty vehicle owners with their towing needs and have encountered various situations. It's because of our vast experience within the field that many can rely on us for a safe professional heavy duty towing. Even if it's a simple jump start for a semi-truck we have done it with ease and always with the correct equipment. By giving us a call we will be there with a sense of urgency and always meet our proposed ETA. Keep in mind that our heavy duty tow truck technicians are also equipped for all our roadside assistance services to ensure you will always be back on the road in time.


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What Kind of Heavy Duty Towing Tasks We Can Do

Here is a list of the various types of heavy duty towing jobs and vehicle types that we can accommodate:

-Semi Trucks
-Large Semi Tractors
-Armored Trucks
-Motorhome Vehicles
-Tractor Trailers

-Straight Trucks
-Fire & Emergency Vehicles
-Construction Equipment
-Dump Trucks

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If you are interested in any of our heavy duty towing services give us a call at (818) 492-9971.
We only believe in the fastest response times and understand that your time is valuable.


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