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Are you hearing a tapping sound while driving or simply arrived at your vehicle to notice the tire has lost all its air? These are obvious signs of a flat tire which we can take care of immediately. Sometimes tires can get flat due to a slow leak which is a tiny puncture in the tire that can usually only be seen when taken off the car. Regardless of which flat tire situation you may face, Maraine Towing Encino will always be your fastest affordable solution to fixing your flat tire. If you have your spare with you we can easily swap out your damaged flat tire with your spare tire in a matter of minutes.

Keep in mind we are a 24 hour towing and roadside assistance company that can be at your assistance any hour, any day. We can also tow your vehicle to the mechanic or tire shop of your choice in case you do not have a spare. If you are looking for additional deals our partner companies provide us with discounted tire prices to help assist our customers' satisfaction.


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Having Flat Tire Issues? We Can Replace it for You!

Flat tires can occur in various ways besides punctures. A few examples are pulling too close to the curb, driving off a curb, or even potholes that the city somehow forgot to fix. During times of bad weather such as flash flood rains or high winds your vehicle is more prone to punctures or hitting potholes unknowingly.

Give us a call 24/7 so we can send out our professional time proven roadside technicians to help assist your issue. Flat tires can also occur at home for various reasons such as cold weather compressing the tires to an undrivable condition. Hot weather can also work against your tires by expanding the air molecules, which will result in an over-inflated tire. Over-inflated tires expand the belt within the tire which will then stretch out the tires rubber causing it to become easily punctured or even worse, explode due to PSI pressure overload.

A few tips you can practice to prevent flat tires from occurring are listed below:


-Ensure your tires PSI matches your cars manufacturers recommended PSI which can be found on the bottom side panel of the drivers door (when door is open)

-If you drive long distances or carry large loads (for instance a pick-up truck), then find a dealer who will fill your tires with Nitrogen instead of regular compressor air

-Keep an eye on your cars dashboard for signs of low tire pressure

-Ensure that you look ahead of the road when driving to avoid running over any objects in the road or freeway

-Keep note of your tires current tread status to see when to buy new tires

-Rotate your tires when advised by a professional



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In Case You Need Additional Roadside Assistance or Towing Services

For your convenience our technicians can also assist you with flatbed towing, wheel lift towing, luxury car towing, heavy duty towing, motorcycle towing, and emergency towing.
Lastly if you need more roadside assistance we offer winch outs, battery replacements, jump starts, fuel delivery, and car lockout service.


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Give us a call 24/7 so we can send out a technician to issue you a quote on the spot.

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