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Encino Tow Truck Services

Welcome To Encino Tow Truck Services

Encino Tow Truck is proud to present to you the best and most qualified tow truck drivers in all of the Valley. Also, mentioning the Valley, we cover all areas in and around the Valley, but we prioritize and we always service all vehicles in the 91316, 91416, 91426, and 91436 first, so you know we’ll be the first on the scene, give you the service you need, and get your life back on the road so soon as possible.

What Tow Truck Services can do for you

Tow Truck Encino receive many different kinds of phone calls daily, ranging from callers who need towing services, to others who may have forgotten their keys inside the car, or people who ran out of precious gas on the freeway. For a more elaborate list about the types of people we help, refer to the following breakdown.


We can tow all kinds of vehicles, from small ones to big ones. From motorcycles to large box trucks, our state of the art tow trucks and our professionally skilled drivers are always available to serve you in your time of need. We have many different types of trucks, from flatbeds to wheel-lifts, and our roadside assistance is top-notch, described below.


If you have ever left your lights on all night, and then spent the next morning, wondering “when the heck happened?”, Tow Truck Encino absolutely understand your frustration. We get calls like that all the time, and you know what? Our customers are very satisfied when Tow Truck Encino drivers show up, jump start the car, and your dead battery car revvs to a start. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing that we helped another lost soul.


If you’ve ever experienced a lockout, you’ll understand the frustration that came with it. The feeling of standing there outside your car, looking at the keys laying so peacefully there on the seat, you say to yourself “whatever shall I do now?” We know exactly what to do, We receive calls like this all the time, so we know how to address it. Our skilled drivers are able to open up any vehicle, and help you get your keys to get you back to living your life as soon as possible.

24 hour service

Most tow truck services are open between the hours of 6am to 9pm, mostly due to the fact that these hours are prime for rush hour and the interim when most residents are more likely to call for towing services. However, here at Encino Towing Services, we understand that not everyone lives a similar lifestyle, so since many of do not live the average 9am-5pm life, we understand that Tow Truck Encino services are going to always be needed, in some way, shape or form. To uphold our performance, weíd like to be the most reliable tow truck service around! For that reason, weíre open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. Tow Truck Encino know your life doesnít end at just some point in a day, so weíre always going to be there to hold you up, no matter the time or day.

Encino Tow Truck Services

The following is a more accurate list of services that Encino Tow Truck Services can provide for you:

24 Hour Emergency
Roadside Assistance
Accident Recovery
Battery Recharge
Collision Services
Wheel Lift Towing
Exotic Car Towing
Light Duty Towing
Medium Duty Towing
Car Lockout Assistance
Long Distance Towing
Flat Tire Replacements
Body Shop Towing
Local Towing
Jump Starts
Lock Outs
RV Towing
Gas Deliveries
Off Road Recovery
Light Duty Towing
Heavy Duty Towing
Motorcycle Recovery
Motor Home & RV Towing
Jump Starts and Battery Service

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