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There will be times when you’ll accidentally lock your keys in the car by being either very busy or simply by forgetting. This situation normally occurs when you’re about to shop at the store, rushing out of the car to clock into work on time, or even coming home from a very exhausting day.

No matter what area or time you lock your keys in the car, simply know that Maraine Towing Encino can help you with your car lockout with ease. We have helped countless people in the Encino area get back into their locked vehicles which helped bring them peace of mind. Our tow truck and roadside mechanics are also trained to prevent any damage during the process of unlocking the car with the use of special door unlocking tools.

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We advise that whenever you are experiencing a car lockout immediately give us a call before attempting to unlock the car yourself. This will prevent any damages towards the car since there are only specific tools to be used when unlocking a locked car. So instead of turning one problem into multiple new problems call us anytime you encounter a car lockout.

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For a fraction of the cost of what it would be to replace the glass, our technician would be able to come out, unlock your vehicle, and retrieve your keys for you.  You spent a lot of money on your car, wouldn’t you rather have professionals come out with their tools and unlock your car in a manner most suitable for your car’s needs?  All of our technicians have over a decade of experience and they can definitely be counted on for all types of roadside assistance and towing services.


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We highly look forward to speaking with you, so give us a call today and we will assist you with any of our services.

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