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Vehicle batteries cannot last forever and will need to be replaced within a few years or less depending on the amount of driving. All vehicles cannot run without a battery since they power all the required electronics, spark plugs, headlights, car accessories, and basically anything the car has that's electronics.

Factors in Draining Car Battery Power

Many vehicle owners tend to accidentally leave interior /exterior lights on after parking their vehicle for the night or day, which can result in draining the battery. Having a low battery can also affect the performance of the vehicles. It is important that drivers make it a regular thing to ensure all the interior lights are turned off, attached electronics to the USB ports or lighter ports, and also the headlamps are turned off. It is also wise to keep note of the warranty date of each vehicle battery to see if they can be replaced by the battery dealer at zero cost to you.

If there is an instance in which you may have forgot to turn off your lights and your battery is dead keep in mind we are here to take your call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


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Our Roadside Assistance Technicians Will Be There Within Minutes for Battery Replacement

If you are attempting to jump-start your battery and it still doesn't seem to work, then it's best to call us for battery replacement. Cold weather conditions can also reduce the battery life so keep note of that as well. Our service technicians will drive to you with a brand new battery specified to the specs of your vehicle. It is important to have the correct battery for the correct vehicle so ensure you tell the roadside assistance tech your exact make and model.


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